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DAS Kochwerk - THE cooking school in Vienna offers cooking courses and cooking events

Teambuilding Workshops

Our "Recipe for Success"

The interaction of people is THE most important part of working life. A positive environment and a good work climate have a serious influence on our performance. Working in teams promotes communication and lightens our daily work. DAS Kochwerk offers an interface between work and recreation, where groups can work together on a project and later enjoy their 'creations' in a casual, lively atmosphere.

Send a request for your team building workshop in DAS Kochwerk Send a request for your team building workshop in DAS Kochwerk

Our Workshop

The first step with the client is to define the most important claims and requests connected with our workshops. It is above all vital to us that there is no impersonal processing, but rather an individually tailored service.

Our team building seminars offer a good opportunity to get to know your team or your work colleagues better, to work together on the same project and to communicate with one another in a different environment. Kochwerk's kitchen is a platform for both employers and employees to relax the working relationship, removing blocks and anxieties. A mutual cooking experience brings happiness and also offers the opportunity to thank one's colleagues. As we are fluent in English, all teambuilding workshops can be held in English or German or even both languages in one workshop, if needed.

Our Claims

  • creation of new steam structures
  • opening of new horizons
  • mutually successful experiences
  • positive mood and a comfortable atmosphere
  • cooking as an experience and not as a daily 'must'

Our Partner Dietmar Buchhäusl - Entwicklungsschmiede

Additionally we offer - together with our cooperation partner Dietmar Buchhäusl and his company "Entwicklungsschmiede" - personal coaching supervision for your interactive cooking event. Further details can be found here.

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