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DAS Kochwerk - THE cooking school in Vienna offers cooking courses and cooking events

Rent our Kitchen

We offer amateur cooks the use of our modern kitchen studio, complete with the newest appliances. This is a great idea for a birthday invitation or a very special cooking event. We will shop for you and offer a complete service in the kitchen with assistance such as preparing vegetables and peeling potatoes etc. and you can cook as the great chefs do for your guests.

We will also gladly organize Christmas, birthday or other festivities in our Kochwerk premises.

Should you like to organize your cooking event all by yourself we offer our location for rent in the months January to June and September/October.

Rental costs - without our cooking support

3 - 5 hours: € 150 plus 20% value added tax per hour
6 hours and more: € 120 plus 20% value added tax per hour
Our office hours: 10am - 12pm
Every hour after midnight: € 150 plus 20% value added tax

  • Use of the Kochwerk accommodations such as kitchen, dining room, wardrobe and toilet for up to 20 persons
  • Use of all fittings (kitchen machines, pots, pans, dishes, glasses, silver etc.)
  • Presence of the management to introduce you to everything and to explain how the machines work (we will kindly retire to our bureau if we are no more needed)
  • Presence of our cleaning lady until no later than 11pm. During the event she will wash dishes and will put all things back where they belong.
  • The final cleaning of the location

We can also offer you grocery service, our help during your cooking and/or serving and you have the possibility to use our linen tablecloths and napkins - please ask for the prices.

There are also special prices for using the Kochwerk as your ultimate foto location - without cooking - don`t hesitate to ask.

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