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DAS Kochwerk - THE cooking school in Vienna offers cooking courses and cooking events

Cooking Competitions

For groups with more than 16 participants we also offer creative dynamic cooking competitions.

The participants get to form 2 teams by draw. Each team receives the same food basket mit seasonal groceries - these matching the customer`s wishes - with which a three course menu has to be created without recipies, only with the help of a professional cook. Cooking and creating the menu all together takes approx. 2 hours. Both teams serve half portions of what they cooked.

A jury judges the meal by different criterias such as the idea, implementation, optics, taste and teamwork.

Dining together in our sylish dining room is followed by the jury evaluation and one team is elected as the winner. Prizes are for example funny but also practical kitchen utensils, you also can buy at the Kochwerk. On request we gladly can give you an offer for onion goggles, garlic peelers, printed dish towels, cookbooks...

In good spirits the event comes to a comfortable end.

Send a request for your cooking competition in DAS Kochwerk Send a request for your cooking competition in DAS Kochwerk

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